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Cosmetic dentistry in London with professional Hungarian dentists
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FUE hair transplant Budapest


We are very pleased to inform you that after 10 years of successful dental patient care and organization, in 2012, "La Porta" started an exclusive co-operation and partnership with the HairHungary Clinic and its specialists. As a result of this close and successful collaboration, uniquely in Europe, now it becomes available to our patients from abroad aswell, the application of the FUE2 SAFE System. Our hair transplant specialist were the first in Hungary and in Europe in the use and in the further development of the FUE2 system as the only innovation partner of Dr. James Harris (HSC Colorado, USA), award-winnig inventor of this amazing and revolutionary hair transplantation system and technique.


When we make a decision of this magnitude, we take many things into consideration. The expected cost and the price of the treatment, is one of these important questions. According to our information and based on the published prices of other european clinics, there is no doubt, the answer is definitely yes! The rates in England vary between  1.9 – 2.9 GBP per hair, the same in our clinic in Budapest is between 0.79 – 0.99 GBP (0.99 – 1.29 EUR) per hair and beside the price advantage your will enjoy all the benefits of the FUE2 SAFE System. The difference is remarkable, it is clear that with coming to Hungary, you can save up to 65%-70%!


Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of the hair transplant abroad. The first advantage is the saving on price. Since even when we speak about the smallest amount of hair, we are talking about thousand or thousands capillaries (hair). The other big advantage is that we offer uniquely in Europe and in Hungary the latest technology, the FUE2 SAFE System. Other big advantage that we can finish the treatment up to 6.000 hairs in a very short time, just 1-2 days.
On the other hand, you will have travel expenses like the flight fare and the accommodation charges too, but we all know that cheap flights are available for reasonable prices and the hotel prices are also very favourables in Budapest. Your additional  cost will be few houndred GBP only. BUT! Is it really an „additional cost”  when, while you stay in Budapest you discover the city and spend your time as a tourist in a holiday? Well, if you are already in Hungary, you can have a very nice time here, discovering Budapest with its beautiful bridges, tasting the Hungarian foods and vines or visiting one of the famous thermal spas or Turkish baths, these are just few things beside the dozens of attractions now not mentioned.


It is a very important question! In general we can say that the primary recovery phase is between 3 and 5 days. In this time during the first 48 hours it is forbidden to wash the hair and you should avoid any kind of direct contact because the fresh hair is very sensitive and it is very easy to demage them. At the end of this first phase, the place of the hair transplantation will be like before, the only difference is that with much more hair.
For an other week time (secondary phase) you still need to protect your new capillaries from the direct sun and avoid any demanding sport activities and exercises.
Some itching may occur after the operation, but this is normal and it is part of the healing period. It’s very important that you have to pay attention and do not scrape the skin, avoiding this way possible infection which can risk or damage your new hair.


Let’s see first the meaning of the name, this will help in answering the question.
FUE 2 means: Follicular Unit Extraction Enhanced. This is an enhanced and improved version of the previous FUE system.
S.A.F.E. System means: Surgically Advanced Follicular Extraction System.
During the hair tranplantation the surgeon keeps the hair in a special follicle regenerating liquid. The use of this specially developped material results much faster and stronger hair growth. The other important advantage is, that the further developped FUE2 System allows to remove the healthy folliculars units (with 1 to 7 hair) one by one. Further advantages of this:
The folliculars will be removed intact, which means the amount of the transplanted hair is 100% the same then the extracted.
With this method, having done less punches, the number of transplanted hair is much higher than by the traditional way and procedures.
The punches are smaller aswell, between 0.5-0.9 mm.
Smaller and less wounds provides a much quicker healing, so the patient can get back to normal life faster aswell.
Unlike the older FUE System, we receive better quality of hair and also less tissue damage.


  • In order to get a treatment plan and a price offer, plese send as photos from the affected areas (crown, sides, nape, neck). Only 1-2 days after that we received your inquiry we send you the quotation, including the exact timing.
  • In case you like our offer and all the questions are clear, we fix an appointment.
  • We help you with hotel reservation in Budapest and with your transfers from the airport and back.
  • In the clinic we start with a personal consultation. Here we make a last examination and we confirm you again the treatment plan
  • In all cases, before the treatment we need full blood test, no older than 30 days. If you don't have a recent one, you can do it Budapest 10 min. from our clinic.


With the help of the following pictures we would like to present you the results of some operation made in our clinic using the FUE2 SAFE System. Please remember this method involves a lifetime guarantee!

Tibor Nyilasi

SafeSystem-FUE2: 5000 hair

During the 2 days operation the clinic’s hair specialist removed the grafts (hair follicles) from the nape of Mr. Nyilasi and had placed them into the bald areas. The Hungarian footbal legend is expected to return to the clinic for a second round action, to have his hair even more perfect.

Tibor Nyilasi Jr.

SafeSystem-FUE2: 5780 hair

Elder son of Tibor Nyilasi former national soccer player was also the patient of our hair clinic. Unfortunatelly a very young age he was caught up with an inherited male baldness. He received nearly 6000 hairs within the 2 days operation.

Levente Szuper

SafeSystem-FUE2: 10800 hair

Levente is Hungary’s most famous hockey player. He is well known is Europe and also in the USA. After he was diagnosed with androgenic hair loss, he made again a good decision as so many time before in his career and has selected our hair clinic, for a permanent solution.

Norbert Hosnyánszki

SafeSystem-FUE2: 6800 hair

After winning the Hungarian water polo championship in 2011, „Hosi” has decided to put an end to his baldness and he voted to the hair transplantation as an ultimate an final solution. By then, our clinic already used the world’s most advanced hair transplant procedure. During the 2 days intervention 6800 hair were transposed from Norbert donor area.


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