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Cosmetic dentistry in London with professional Hungarian dentists
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Consultation in the UK, treatments in Hungary.
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28Vreni Nussbaumer Aegeri from Switzerland said about the clinic Heviz (on 2010-01-08)Ganz herzlichen Dank für die super- Behandlung ! Ich werde Sie in der Schweiz weiterempfehlen und nur gutes über dieses schöne Land erzahlen ! Vielen Dank
24Nigel and Amanda from Dublin - Irlanda said about the clinic Budapest I. (on 2008-08-07)Eastern Europe? No doubt, we received the best treatment from Dr. Jancsecz and his team. They are professional, informative, friendly, the nicest people. My wife and me, we got back something what we originally thought it's impossible. We had two visits to Budapest, but at the end an outstanding result and a budget price. THANK YOU!
23David Waterman from UK said about the clinic Gyor (on 2008-08-01)Dear Katalin, I got your e-mail before I came to Canada. Over the past 35 years I have traveled to all parts of the world in my business. On many occasions I have had to have dental work done in places such as New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, USA, Canada, China and many parts of Europe. Without hesitation I can say that the best treatment I have ever had was from Dr. Antal Roka in Hungary. The arrangements were excellent from start to finish. The travel arrangements and accommodation were superb and the people could not have been more helpful. It may sound strange but this visit to the dentist was very enjoyable. Congratulations to everyone concerned, you certainly give value for money at a fraction of the cost in Britain. Best regards. David.
22Joseph from Dublin - Ireland said about the clinic Budapest II. (on 2008-05-27)Just a big thank you for the La Porta Dental Team and for Dr.Szabó at the Newdent clinic. From my first e-mail to La Porta, through my visits to Hungary, till my return flight everything was like clockwork. We received SERVICE! Everything at the same place, x-ray, consultation, implantation and my bridge. I found there a very experienced and professional team. 3 implants, 5 unit bridges and when I had to pay, a big smile!!! Thanks again, Joseph
21Rhys Heywood from UK said about the clinic Gyor (on 2008-03-25)Good afternoon, Sorry I have not been in touch sooner. I have been too busy smiling at the world and enjoying it smiling back for a change. I'm so happy with the treatment I can't begin to describe my new approach to life. Dr Roka was brilliant, i can't praise him enough. Please feel free to use my name and likeness in any promotional material you so desire. I'm off to go and spread little rays of sunshine :-) yours sincerely and smiley Rhys
20Heather Dunning from UK said about the clinic Gyor (on 2008-03-21)Was kann schöner sein als die Reaktion zu erleben wenn mein Lachen mit meinem neuen Zahnen auch ein Löcheln bei Mitmenschen auslüst. Mit Geld ist es nicht zu bezahlen, mein Freund. Im unendlicher Dankbarkeit dem ganzen Team
19John from London - UK said about the clinic Gyor (on 2008-02-27)They were very nice and professional. My dentist, Dr. Róka didn't waste my time and done a brilliant work. It really helped me to get a new job. Many thanks to all the team.
18Peter and Sue from Liverpool - UK said about the clinic Budapest I. (on 2008-02-19)Let us take this opportunity to thank you all for the excellent work and time in Budapest. We felt like being on Holiday, and so well coordinated, our hotel booking, pick up at the airport and the amazing Dr. Jancsecz. The two most important things were the appearance and the pain. From the first one we've got a lot now, but pain. Thank you !
17Wendy Mansfield from UK said about the clinic Gyor (on 2008-02-08)Hi Katalin, thank you for your e-mail. I thought the service you gave me by telephone was excellent. From explaining how your dental practice works to booking the hotels for us. I would not have gone ahead with the treatment if I was not happy with how you dealt with me on the telephone. Hungary is a beautiful country, the hotel was lovely and everyone we met during our stays were very friendly and helpful. Your surgery was very clean and very professional. I was very pleased with the treatment I received and everyone at home says how lovely my teeth are. I was a little bit concerned when I got home as my teeth were quite painful for about ten days. it has passed now and everything seems to be fine so I would expect this to be normal. Maybe Dr Antal Roka could have warned me about this. That really was my only concern. Yes I definitely will be recommending you to people, you all made us feel very welcome and we really enjoyed our time in Hungary. We will be back. many thanks, Wendy.
16Anne & Peter Taphouse from UK said about the clinic Gyor (on 2008-01-25)Dear Katalin, I have been meaning to write and thank you for all your help recently. The work I had done in Hungary, the attention to all details of that work etc was excellent. Many thanks to you and your colleagues. I wish i had known of your good work years ago. I will take this opportunity to wish you a Very happy Easter. Once again your help is greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Anne & Peter." "Dear Katalin, Once more I write to thank you and all your colleagues for your help and kindness over the last number of months as I underwent dental treatment in Hungary. I would recommend Dr Roka to everyone I know. He is a very good man and a great Dentist. Lilla is a very special person who will go to great lengths to help in all matters while in her care. Your drivers are also very helpful and kind people. Many thanks from Peter and I. Kind regards from us both
15Siobhan from London - UK said about the clinic Gyor (on 2008-01-11)I had a consultation in London first, than I spent a week in Hungary to have my surgery done. They looked after me so well I would strongly recommend it
13Davide S from Italy said about the clinic Budapest I. (on 2007-12-10)I can only say that people at La Porta Dental is very professional. Everything is clean, I never felt pain and I'm 100% satisfied. I had a great experience!
12Andrew Price from UK said about the clinic Gyor (on 2007-12-07)Hi, I had work done in both Hungary and London and found the service and the price of the service exceptional. I would highly recommend it to anyone
11Csilla Kadar from Denmark said about the clinic Budapest II. (on 2007-11-26)I was quite happy with the treatment. I will recommend the clinic to friends!
10Shirley Appleton from UK said about the clinic Gyor (on 2007-11-23)Dr Roka, Every time I raised my shoulders petrified waiting for the pain. It didn't happen. You are extremely skilled in your profession. I am so glad I chose your clinic. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you For giving me my smile back. I can now feel proud to smile with re-newed confidence and I no longer have to hide my teeth with my hand. You are a very kind professional Gentleman one who cares. I will always be grateful to you! Shirley Appleton. Hope to see you in December for my husband's dental treatment.
9William M. from UK said about the clinic Budapest I. (on 2007-11-16)I had a number of treatments carried out in La Porta Dental, including bridge work, root canals, crowns and implants, and I am very satisfied with the end results. It was easy to get to the clinic which was helped because they sent a taxi to collect me from the airport. They offered good advice and the service is excellent.
8Rachel from UK said about the clinic Gyor (on 2007-09-21)Thanks again Katalin. I really appreciate everything you did for me last week. The tooth has been amazing since then. Nice to not be in pain. Warm regards Rachel
7Max Mall from Switzerland said about the clinic Gyor (on 2007-06-08)Die Informationen und das Behandlungsziel waren sehr gut. Man hat sich Zeit genommen für unsere Fragen und auch für unsere Gutscheidunge hat man uns Zeit gelassen. Wir waren sehr zufrieden. Herzlichen Dank
6S.Prath from Switzerland said about the clinic Heviz (on 2007-06-08)Ein grosses Dankeschöne für die schöne Arbeit, für die gute Beratung ubd für die ganze Betreuung. Jetzt kann ich mit Freude wieder lachen. Wünschen weiterhin auch alles Gute. Ich werde Sie auf jedenfall weiter empfehlen. Nachmals vielen herzlichen Dank
5Hans from Zürich - Switzerland said about the clinic Gyor (on 2007-06-08)When I arrived I was impressed with everything. Dr Antal Roka was very professional and achieved great results. I had a lot of surgery in a clean environment and have healed well. The hotel staffs were very polite, good English and very accommodating. Room was adequate and good value. Food excellent. Katalin was very helpful informative and efficient. Your representative was helpful and showed concern after my treatment. Regular calls to make sure there was nothing I needed. I would recommend this company to others.
4Peter und Tiny Bellakovics-Jansen from Switzerland said about the clinic Heviz (on 2007-06-06)Diese Praxis hier in Hévíz ist sehr gut und zu empfehlen. Sehr freundlich und korrekt. Die Fachliche Beratung ist sehr gut. Wir werden es weiter empfehlen in die Schweiz. Wir wünschen das Team viel Erfolg. Herzlichen Dank und Liebe Grüsse von
3Elvio Jorge Camacho from Spain said about the clinic Gyor (on 2007-05-15)Jo Reggelt Katalin! Hope everything is fine! Everything went very well and surprisingly did not feel any pain at the appointments neither afterwards and very glad for that! Dr Roka was very good and very clear in everything which I'm very satisfied and looking forward for the results when I come back for the second stage! I will speak to you later for the arrangements for my second and last visit to Hungary for this purpose! I would like to come in the first week of December, when the 6 weeks are due to start the fitting of the permanent bridge. Koszonom Szepen for everything Katalin! Lilla was great with me and everyone was very helpful! Dr Roka is a very professional Dentist and I am very pleased to have chose you all! Best Regards, Jorge
2Ann from Liverpool - UK said about the clinic Gyor (on 2007-04-25)If it makes you happy, it's worth it. And it is so much cheaper than in the UK
1Kate and Paul from The Midlands said about the clinic Gyor (on 2006-06-21)We had great weekend break in Hungary before our wedding, and we both came back more relaxed and with beautiful looking white teeth. Just what we needed, gave me more confidence to smile in my wedding photos

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