Dental treatment in Budapest, Hungary?

Hundreds of Icelanders travel to Hungary to receive top-quality dental treatment at a fraction of their home prices. A comprehensive treatment or rehabilitation costs a small fortune in Iceland, the price of the same is completely affordable in Budapest. Dental tourism in Hungary has been established already in the 1980s and has a serious tradition. On the other hand, Icelanders’ interest in Hungary for dentistry can only be traced back to the last decade, but since then it has been growing and in this time the number of Icelandic patients treated in Budapest can be estimated at approximately 5,000-6,000.

Reykjavik to Budapest: dentist offer quality dental treatment

What is the increased number for dental treatments due to?

Primarily for demand, because everyone wants beautiful and healthy teeth. The problem in Iceland are the prices and the prolonged treatments. Since Budapest can be reached from Reykjavík with several direct flights a week, within few hours, these problems can easily be overcome. La Porta Dental offers optimized treatment times, no waiting list, and the possibility to start immediately, so the patients can quickly find themselfs in the dentist’s chair of our clinic in Budapest.

Is it safe to have my treatment in Hungary?

No doubt! In Hungary, it is not only the tradition and the many decades of experience that guarantee patient satisfaction. Hungarian dentists have always been at the forefront of developments and the use of the latest technology and materials. In addition to our almost 20 years of foreign patient coordination experience, our practice complies with the strictest Hungarian and EU regulations and norms, including the guarantees!

Is it worth doing dental work in Budapest?

Yes, it’s absolutly worth it! Travel is essential for a treatment in Budapest. Based on our surveys, if the costs of dental treatment are added to the costs of travel and accommodation, even then an Icelander saves up to 60-70% compared to the prices at home, but please, you should compare yourself!

Dental Treatments Prices in Iceland Prices in Budapest
Consultation 50 EUR (7.500 ISK) Free
Panoramic x-ray 60 EUR (9.000 ISK) 40 EUR (6.000 ISK)
TAC-CT Scan (3 dim.) 200 EUR (29.500 ISK) 140 EUR (20.500 ISK)
Composite white filling 1 surface 175 EUR (26.000 ISK) 70 EUR (10.500 ISK)
Composite white filling 2 surfaces 205 EUR (30.500 ISK) 85 EUR (12.500 ISK)
Composite white filling 3 surfaces 235 EUR (35.000 ISK) 95 EUR (14.000 ISK)
Extraction standard 220 EUR (32.500 ISK) 50 EUR (7.500 ISK)
Extraction surgical/wisdom 320 EUR (47.500 ISK) 135 EUR (20.000 ISK)
Porcelain fused to metal crown 970 EUR (143.500 ISK) 240 EUR (35.500 ISK)
Pure Zirconium crown (metal free) 1.300 EUR (192.500 ISK) 330 EUR (49.000 ISK)
3 unit Zirconium bridge on natural teeth 3.300 EUR (488.500 ISK) 990 EUR (146.500 ISK)
Temporary crown 160 EUR (23.500 ISK) 50 EUR (7.500 ISK)
Porcelain Veneer 1.300 EUR (192.500 ISK) 375 EUR (55.500 ISK)
Overdenture 11.000 EUR (1.628.000 ISK) 2.365 EUR (350.000 ISK)
AlphaBio dental implant 1.500 EUR (222.000 ISK) 520 EUR (77.000 ISK)
AlphaBio abutment (screwable head) 780 EUR (115.500 ISK) 285 EUR (42.000 ISK)
NobelBiocare dental implant 1.900 EUR (281.000 ISK) 840 EUR (124.500 ISK)
NobelBiocare abutment (screwable head) 900 EUR (133.000 ISK) 340 EUR (50.500 ISK)
Sinus lift 1.600 EUR (237.000 ISK) 630 EUR (93.000 ISK)
General anesthesia (3 hours) 3.500 EUR (518.000 ISK) 940 EUR (139.000 ISK)

What types of dental treatments do we provide in Hungary?

That’s the point, everything that meets the patient’s needs and medically is supported, of course also taking into consideration those with metal allergies. Small and large replacements, implantation, bone replacement or transplantation, Overdentures, All-on-4® solutions, All-on-6® solutions, aesthetic dental treatments, complete circular bridges and partial bridges, but also metal-free zirconium crowns, veneers and metal-free ceramic dental implants for metal allergy patients, not to mention all.

How does it work, how do I get started?

As simple as that, just email us a recent panoramic x-ray. We send you the personalized treatment plan within 1-2 days, including the description of the treatment, the number of trips and the prices. Further questions, details can be discussed by e-mail, by phone or by WhatsApp. In case you accept the treatment plan, we need to agree on the date, after that you only need to book the plane ticket and the accommodation. If you need help on this or other related topics, we or our authorized partner in Iceland will be happy to help you.

For treatment plan and appointments please contact us:

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +36 30 299 0769 (HU)