Rigenera Activa

Rigenera Activa to treat hair loss

Eighty percent of Caucasian men experience androgenetic alopecia (AGA) to some extent before age 70. Current evidence, based on treatments for AGA, is supported by proper documentation includes finasteride, minoxidil, and hair transplant surgery. The role of platelet rich plasma (PRP) generally also known as Dracula therapy, also has been demonstrated in recent reports. In AGA, the follicle miniaturization is accompanied by a decrease of the growth phase of the follicles, called anagen, with an increase in the percentage of resting (telogen) hair follicles containing microscopic hairs in bald scalp.

Hair-related biological therapy

The newest breakthrough method for hair regeneration is called Rigenera Activa. It is currently one of the best hair-related biological therapy for hair loss treatment available. The Rigenera-HBW-Activa technology for AGA treatment induces the follicle in the telogen (quiescent) cycle to growth new hair and to strengthen the active ones. This procedure consists of three phases: (1) colecting skin grafts from the donor area, (2) separation of the tissue and filtration of the micrografts, and (3) the preparation of micrograft solution. The therapy operates through a refined capillary regenerative method focused at androgenetic alopecia. Rigenera Activa treatment utilizes your own hair tissue which contains such cells that help enact the follicles around the weakened and hormonally affected balding area. Briefly it harvests your very own body’s capacity to create new hair by triggering a hair regenerative way.

Steps of the intervention

It is a 3-step procedure that can be carried out conveniently in the clinic. The procedure is quick (approx. 30-40 minutes), painless, hence the comfort level of the patients is maximal compared to a lengthy, more demanding medical procedure:

Stage 1: It is done under local anesthesia, that is executed around the neck area with the utilization of a small 2,5 mm punch, where 3 skin samples are taken from. The sampling procedure is done over the pre-numbed scalp region.

Stage 2: The samples are then exposed to a tissue-obtaining procedure and after filtration in a unique way to separate stem cells, general skin cells and a growth factor solution, all of which have regenerative capacities.

Stage 3: The revitalizing mixture is then reintroduced with tiny needles to the thinning zone of the scalp.

Patient selection

There are some specific considerations for patients undergoing Rigenera Activa by Rigenera-HBW technology protocol for androgenetic alopecia:

  • One prerequisite is that patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) should have enough existing hair follicles (hypotrophy) and a proportionate balding area.
  • Healthy scalp.
  • Absence of inflammation and irritation.
  • Blood test in normal range.
  • A possibly healthy nutrition.
  • FU’s have to be obtained from a healthy area.

Before and after Rigenera Activa treatment

Rigenera Activa hair loss treatment

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