Consultations in Hungary and outside of Hungary

Initial consultations are free in Hungary!

In case we have to make a panoramic x-ray (40 EUR) because you can not provide a recent one, the price of this will be refunded from the total of your dental treatment charges.

Consultations outside of Hungary will be charged! However, in case you start your dental treatment within 60 days from the initial consultation, the consultation charge will be refunded from the total of your dental treatment charges.

The price for the initial consultation may change, depending on the location you select, from 35 EUR to 60 EUR. You will be informed about the exact rate before your appointment.

During your consultation a panoramic x-ray may be required to know more of your oral state. In case you have a recent x-ray, our dentist can use that. Alternatively we can take an x-ray for a charge of 40 EUR. The price of the x-ray will be refunded too, from the total of your treatment charges, if you start your treatment within 60 days.

During your first consultation you will receive a personalised treatment plan which is valid for 90 days.

Treatment plan, treatment, conditions

In some cases the treatment plan may change some, during your dental treatment, because of your own request or because of the changes of the conditions. In all cases you will be informed about the consequences and alternatives.

The changes will be explained, and a modified treatment plan will be agreed. During this process you may at any time decide not to continue the treatment. If this happen, you will only have to pay for treatment and laboratory work which has been provided so far.

Using temporary solutions like dentures, crowns or bridges longer then it’s indicated, your remaining teeth, implants can be damaged.

Temporary dentures after the indicated period can cause improper loading on natural teeth, destroying the supporting structures, gum and bone, etc, leading to increased mobility and possibly the failure of those. Temporary crowns/bridges/dentures are not working the same way as the original ones do. Ineffectively fixed temporary dentures and debris collecting crowns/bridges/dentures also mean continuous irritation on implants and can cause their failure too. In cases like this, if the patient does not follow the treatment timing plan and refuses to show up on the upcoming visit within 2-4 weeks from the advised time written in the treatment plan, our clinics have the right to cancel any discount given previously.

Our clinics have the absolute right to decline or not to continue the treatment at any time without any obligation for compensation if you are not medically or mentally fit for the recommended treatment or if your payment obligations are not comleted. Our clinics also has the absolute right to decline treatment if the patient is found to have withheld information or provided false or incomplete details regarding his or her medical history/condition, and also for professional, medical or ethical reasons.


Different guarantee conditions are valid for different types of dental works. You will receive a detailed guarantee information by our dental clinics and dentists. The duration and functionality of the dental work carried out, depends on the condition of your teeth, gums and bones, as well as on the general oral hygiene, smoking, diabetes, bone density and diet.


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General agreement

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