Full mouth dental rehabilitation in Budapest, HungaryWho do we recommend it? For all those who wish to have further price advantage, who insists on quality, but doesn’t like waiting lists and they are and not held back by a 2.5 – 3 hours flight from Dublin or from London to Budapest. This is a clear and logical choice, already demonstrated by thousands of foreign patients from Europe, among them Irish, British, Italians, Norwegians, Icelandic, Swiss and more, who arrive to Budapest for dental treatment and rehabilitation annually. Good news for the overseas patients that from 2018, 3 direct flights have been launched between US and Budapest. They come from New York, Chicago and from Philadelphia for both dental and hair loss treatments. The prices in Hungary are just a fraction of the Irish and British prices, while the provided dental service is at world-class level! It can be a simple porcelain or zirconium crown or a dental bridge or a dental implant, but even a full dental reconstruction, the goal is the same, you need to find the best surgery, with the best team and this is exactly what we offer you.


For over 2 decades, since opening in 1997, we provide our patients the top quality in dental care and in this spirit, we are constantly improving our dental center. As a consequence we are proud that in our clinic, all technical capability, expertise and knowledge are up to the highest world standards.  In the clinic, there are six surgeries, plus one operating room for our patients, divided in three level. The levels are connnected by elevator, which allows easy walk and it is convenient for the disable patients too!


Clinic: Our clinic’s primary purpose is that you can get all the services in the same place. This begins with our local X-ray lab, where we can make Panoramic x-ray, 3DIM-CT Scan, Partial  x-ray, Full x-ray. To continue we have the high-tech operating room on the first floor, equipped with the latest anesthetic machine, surgical table with Mach-LED light, so our dentists can perform the most complex oral surgery locally, in advanced and safe conditions. Sometimes the type of treatment requires (for example full mouth implantation or bone transplantation), but sometimes the patient requires (for example because of fear or because of dentist phobia) to have the surgery done under general anesthesia or full narcosis. We are pleased to inform our present and future patients, that both our technical and professional backgrounds make possible to perform these kind of treatments at our surgery.

Staff: It is important that our dentist and specialist not only provide excellent result in the field of their profession (like general dentist, dentoalveolar oral surgeon, specialist in dental and oral diseases, conservative dentistry and prosthetic specialist, maxillofacial surgeon, etc.), but they precisely feel and understand the problems of the people who turn to us. As a team they need to work in a organized way, because most of the dental treatment require the work of different dentists from different area.

Guarantee: In the dental clinic, synchronously with all EU requirements, we provide high-quality medical services to our patients. During the dental treatment, all the applied materials and technologies corresponds to the most strictes quality requirements. The laboratory background is internationally recognized. According to this, we provide full guarantee!


The dental implants provide a solution for a lifetime, so we do not compromise. The success of a dental implantation is guaranteed with diagnosis and treatment planification based in the CT Scan image, of course beside the excellent oral surgeon team, which is responsable for placing the artificial root (dental implant) properly. What else should you know about the implantation? Read on!

Once you are missing one or more teeth, you have two possibilities, you have to decide if you live without teeth and try to get used to the related inconveniences or you replace the missing teeth. Remember, tooth deficiency is not only aesthetic, but it is a serious functional problem aswell, so there is no question what is right! There is two way to replace a missing tooth. One is without implant, using a dental bridge, where the 2 lateral teeth will hold the bridge, but this also means that healthy teeth should be involved and grinded. Since we are a dental clinic, it is understandable that from both functional and aesthetic point of view we are supporters of the replacement with dental implants and crowns or prothesis, which can be made from porcelain based in metal or from zirconium.

We know from patients, that in addition of the health reasons, there are several points in favor of the advantage of the perfect denture:

  • Aesthetic reasons
  • Make a good impression
  • Well-being
  • Self-confidence
  • Functionality

AlphaBio dental implant with abutment for 590 EUR

NobelBiocare dental implant with abutment for 990 EUR


With the microscopic root canal treatment, teeth which can not be healed with traditional treatment, the root can be saved and treated successfully. The microscopic technique significantly improve the chances of the detection and then the completion of root canals, which can not be detected with free eyes.

The real reason of the higher price of the microscopic root canal treatment – The device itself is not cheap, but in reality the equipment and the materials used during the treatment makes the price higher, but it’s worth the investment! Nevertheless our specialist recommend that you should choose the microscopic root canal treatment, since in many cases the conventional treatment does not bring a 100% result and the replacement of the lost tooth, increases the overall costs.

Microscopic root canal treatment for 150 EUR / canal


Our clinic has the latest tools, including equipment, experienced anesthesiologist, doctors, surgeon and specialist, who are responsable for carry out dental interventions in anesthesia. Recently, our dental clinic’s equipment has been supplemented with a Dräger brand high-tech anesthetic machine, so even the longest and complicated surgeries can be performed under satisfactory safe conditions.

It is easy to make sure, that such a serious level of anesthetic equipment technology is not found in too many dental clinics or in any other clinic, maybe a few! At the same time we would like to point out, that the technology does not replace the human knowledge and experience: but the two together is unbeatable!

General anesthesia for 600 EUR / occasion


The „Procera high-tech solutions”, is the Nobel Biocare’s CAD / CAM system, supported by computer design and manufacturing. The Procera factory located in Sweden. Nobel Biocare is now the world’s leading manufacturer of dental implants. Belongs to the world bests in high-quality restorations, fixed on teeth and dental implants.

Procera superstructure, prosthesis, size and form impressions are made in a traditional way, but the sizes and shapes are fixed by mechanical scanning. The data obtained are incredibly accurate, so the Procera crowns and dentures fit perfectly, which offers unique comfort and aesthetic appearance for the patient.


Or purpose is to achieve the maximum safety for the patient during the dental surgery or treatment. Because of that, beside the traditional panoramic x-ray, which is a 2 dimensional image, we prepare a CT Scan aswell, which is a 3 dimensional image reconstruction of the jaw. We make this directly in our dental clinic with the help of a Cone Beam CT Gendex instrument.

With the help of the information founded in the 3 Dim. CT Scan, each implant procedure, any oral surgery can be planned and carried out in complete safely, since the oral surgeon, who will make treatment knows the surgical area from all directions in advance. For example: where the jaw nerve is running, is the bone suitable for dental implant, where is it recommended to place the implant, etc…

Panoramic x-ray for 40 EUR

3 DIM. CT-scan for 120 EUR


Simmple and fast! There are direct flights to Budapest from almost every capital and major city in Europe and it takes only few hours. From England for example there are daily flights from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and from Notthingham. From Ireland there are several direct flights from Dublin and with one pass from Cork, Shannon and Kerry. The ticket prices are very favorable. You can ask for airport transfer aswell and in case of booking your hotel room or private apartment through the clinic these transfers are for free.

Please note that the treatment procedures described above are only of informative nature. Dentists and oral surgeons in Budapest provide a wide range of dental treatment services using the best type of dental implants available for implantology work. The price of tooth implants, crowns, dental bridges  or veneers in Budapest are very competitive by comparison (e.g. in Turkey) when going abroad for a dental holiday and our dental clinic uses the lates dental innovations. Please feel free to contact us about any dental treatment you want to know more about!

For appointments please contact us:

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