How does it work?

The titanium dental implant system consist of 3 separate parts! It is the best solution for the replacement of an individual tooth with crown or to replace more teeth with dental bridges.

  1. The first part is the titanium screw, which is to replace the original root of the of the lost teeth, with other words it is an artificial root and it is made of bio-compatible material. In most of the cases it is made of non-compounded titanium, which is completely adoptable for the human organism.
  2. The second part is the abutment, which is the connection between the implant screw and the porcelain or zirconium crown.
  3. The third part is the crown (artificial tooth) itself.

May I have one done?

In a basic situation yes, but in our cilnic you can have it done, also in an extreme situation! Please inform us about your condition, problems, diseases and we will answer you about the possible solutions and alternatives with the biggest discretion! Beside that a preliminary examination, x-ray, CT-Scann and consultation is necessary to give exact answer for this question. During the consultation we will prepare a personal treatment plan synchronized with your needs and with the medical options. We offer e-consultation as well!

The Process – When will I have teeth?

If the bone is fine, first we place the dental implant or implants. This is a short and painless surgery, in case of a single dental implant takes about 20-30 minutes only. In case if more implants are needed, then takes about 1.5 – 2 hours.  The healing and osseointegration period between the bone and the implant takes approximately 3 months. Then the next phase is the de-allocation of implants and after the placement of the head/abutment, comes the preparation of the tooth replacement. Incredible but true, we can replace your lost tooth or teeth with fixed solution within 3-6 months too!

Aftercare – and what comes after?

The replaced/artifical tooth needs the same oral hygiene as the original ones. The using of standard and interdental toothbrush, floss and toothpaste is a must! Beside that, the regular, anual dental control of the implants is strongly recommended!

Why the implant is better than a bridge?

When conditions are given, so the patient has bone enough, and there is no contraindication of the replacement with dental implant, then the usage of the adjoining teeth is unnecessary and avoidable. The dental bridge is a very common solution and it is also a good one, but until we have the chance to save healthy teeth, there is no question. An individual tooth in many way is a better option, of course not aesthetically, because there is no big difference, but if we take the cleaning or later/future treatments, then already matters.

Will you use local or full anesthesia – is the operation painful?

We use both kind of anesthesia, the traditional local anesthesia with injection, but we also use the full anesthesia, when the patient is sleeping. The surgery it self is not at all painfull, so in a standard situation local anesthesia is completly enough. Of course there are more sensitive patients, for whom this might be too much, they can’t stand the sight, the noise, they are more afraid or they have a phobia to dentist. In such cases is a common interest to have the operation under full anesthesia.

May I have a new one, if a dental implant is rejcted?

When this happens, when in a very few cases the dental implant is rejected, it can be replaced with another dental implant, but usually with a slightly larger size. The rate of failure is only about 1-5%. This might be somewhat higher in case of smokers and people with compromised immune system. The key element to determinig implant success is proper diagnosis and treatment planning.

„All – On – 4” solution with Nobel Biocare

The „All-on-4”, most precisely, fix denture over 4 dental implant, is a solution that has been developed to maximize the use of the available bone and hopefully allow the immediate function. Using only four implants per jaw, the solution takes advantage of the benefits of tilting the posterior implants (place them in an inclined angle) to provide a safe and optimal support for the dental bridge, even with minimum bone volume. In fact the experience of the last 15-20 years shows that it is used mostly in similar cases, so patient still can avoid the bone transplantation.

This amazing dental solution is possible thanks to the evolution of the computerized surgical techniques. The first patient was treated with this „All On Four” concept in 1998, more than two decades ago, since then millions have rceived the same treatment. First we make a 3Dim CT-Scan, and with the help of this we will plan and prepare a very precise computerized surgical guide and because we already know exactly where the four implants will be placed, we can also plan and fabricate the fixed provisional bridge in advance.  In most of the cases we can avoid completly the bone grafting and/or the sinus-lift. This technique has absolutly transformed the field of the dentistry, being the least invasive and most cost effective solution available for patients suffering with plastic dentures or severely bad teeth.

At the dental clinic of La Porta Dental in Hungary, we offer you the top quality implant systems like the Nobel Biocare and the AlphaBio! Titanium vs ceramic implants, what is the difference?

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