Digital intraoral scanner may help people with breathing difficulties

It is quite common that the patient is a heavy smoker, so it is more difficult to breathe through the nose or someone has breathing problems or there are people who are prone to frequent gagging or nausea when the impression is made using the traditional method. Unfortunately, these above-mentioned reasons are not rare and hold countless patients back or make them uncertain about their dental treatment.

Intraoral scanner

It is fantastic news that with the help of the intraoral scanner there is nothing to be afraid of anymore, one could say that the time has come for the introduction of such a technological innovation. All over the world, there are many smokers, people with other breathing difficulties or those who cannot or have a very hard time tolerating when a foreign object, like in this case a polyvinyl impressions, gets into the mouth.  Because of this, many people were often at a “disadvantage”, but fortunatelly not anymore.

Premium scanning experience!

Planmeca Emerald oral scanner

Planmeca Emerald® – It is a compact intraoral scanner for capturing digital impressions. Taking impressions digitally is much more convenient than traditional methods. The intraoral scanner offers a particularly smooth, pleasant and comfortable scanning experience for our patients and for our dentist aswell. The scanner captures digital impressions efficiently, allowing a capable user to capture a full arch in well under a minute. Completed scans are stored in the Planmeca Romexis® software and immediately available for the dental technician for further use.

True digital precision!

Planmeca Emerald® captures digital impressions in bright and lifelike colors. With the help of the scanner, the dentist and dental technician can always achieve predictable results and create precisely fitting dentures. The authenticity and accuracy of the Planmeca Emerald S intraoral scanner is proven by an independent scientific study aswell.

Compatible with several orthodontic solution providers!

Invisalign braces

Planmeca Emerald S is approved by a wide range of orthodontic solution providers so our patients can enjoy and benefit from a fully digital orthodontic procedure. Thanks to the compatibility, intraoral scan data can be used to plan orthodontic treatment and to create traditional brackets and even Invisalign® clear aligners.

The Planmeca Emerald® is the future and the present at the same time!

smile design with intraoral camera

Technically, it is also an outstanding development, as it digitizes dental impression making, which makes it not only more precise and accurate, but also an especially environmentally friendly solution, since much less polyvinyl impressions will be made through its use. It is also a huge help from a human point of view, as those who have been hesitant about traditional impression making and its associated discomfort, including nausea, gagging and breathing difficulties, no longer have anything to fear. Recommended for everyone, young, old, ladies, men, smokers, non-smokers, people with reflux and many more.