In all areas of life the quality and development are determined by these two things – innovation and novelty. Without innovation there is no novelty, without novelty there is no development and this is especially true for the dentistry! Later, these innovations will naturally become standard and newer ones will come instead. Those who do not operate their dentistry according to this, are left behind! Knowing the lightning-fast technical development of the 21st century, this cannot be different.

Since its opening, our practice has been in accordance with the above and we can proudly say, that we were among the first in Hungary and in Europe too, back to 2007, to introduce such dental innovations as the “All-on-4®” and “All -on-6®” systems!

Let’s take a look at a few of our current dental novelties

  • Vigilant – awake sedation with an anesthesiologist.
  • Full sedation – deep anesthesia
  • Bone replacement – Tooth transformers
  • Bone replacement – Bone transplantation from one’s own bone
  • Novosseum Dental (supports ossification)
  • Intraoral Scanner – Planmeca Emerald®s
  • Wax-Up
  • Implant surgery guide
  • Ceramic dental implant – Metal free solution!
  • Zirconium crown – Metal free solution!

Vigilant sedation

Speaking about anesthesia in relation with dental treatments most often means speaking anout vigilant-awake sedation. Awake sedation is used to reduce or even stop our patients’ anxiety. Primarily, it is used in cases when the patient is afraid or anxious of the dental treatment or in case the oral surgery or dental treatment takes longer than the patient can easily tolerate. During the awake/conscious sedation the time is speeding up, the patient is in a pleasant, dazed condition and may even fall to sleep, but remains capable to cooperate with our dentist or with the oral surgeon.

Full sedation, deep anesthesia

During dental surgeries under full anesthesia our patients receive painless treatment so they don’t have to deal with fear or with stress. There are interventions that can only be carried out with a more complex oral surgery, when the anesthesia can be recommended. Such are for example a more complicated wisdom tooth removal, dental implantation, bone replacement, but excessive pharyngeal reflex can justifies the anesthesia aswell. The dentist may also consider the need of the full anesthesia in cases where the patient’s anxiety can’t be alleviated as usual.

TT Tooth Transformer

An innovative, natural system that uses your own bone or tooth (so no animal or chemical origin materials) and allows your body to respect the natural process of bone regeneration. It works perfectly because transforms your tooth or part of it into a material that stimulates bone regeneration by releasing the morphogenetic proteins in the dentin. All your teeth can be used as long as they are autologous, whether they are devitalised, milk teeth or teeth extracted previously or at the time of your dental treatment.

Bone transplantation from own bone

There are cases when the lack of bone is so great that simpler bone grafting methods such as Bio-Oss or the TT Tooth transformer do not help. We don’t give up even then, because thanks to our brilliant team, we have surgeons at our disposal who can perform bone grafts of various degrees. For example, from the jawbone, if the deficiency is greater, then from the hip and, last but not least, from the tibia. These are complex surgeries that are performed under anesthesia and are preceded by mandatory preliminary examinations.

Novosseum Dental™

Bone integration is the basis for the success of the dental implants. Its importance from a clinical point of view lies in assessing the implant’s loadability and long-term functionality. This is where Novosseum Dental™, a scientifically designed formula that supports normal bone function, can help with the periodontal ossification process. Its active ingredients exert their effect by supporting each other. It contains calcium, magnesium and vitamins in an ideal ratio for the body.

Planmeca Emerald®

It is a compact intraoral scanner for capturing digital impressions. Taking impressions digitally is much more convenient than traditional methods. The intraoral scanner offers a particularly smooth and comfortable scanning experience for our patients. The scanner captures digital impressions efficiently, allowing a capable user to capture a full arch in well under a minute. Completed scans are stored in the Planmeca Romexis® software and immediately available for further use.

Wax Up

The Wax-up is a wax sample. With the help of the wax model, the patient can see and touch the exact shape, size and position of the restorations being made, so it is possible to follow exactly where we are going and what the goal is. The Wax Up model is a temporary visual design, a design made from the mouth and from the teeth based on waxing.

Implant surgery guide

The implant surgical guide allows the surgeon to place the implant in specific, pre-planned position to reach the ideal depth, angle and select the right size of implant. It is a harder acrylic guard that fits over the adjacent teeth and is fixed with micro-screws to keep it stable and in position. It has metal cylinders embedded in the acrylic that guides each successive implant drill through and allows it to only go in one location, and to one depth, allowing the implant to be placed very accurately and safely and also faster than in tradional cases.

Ceramic dental implant, the metal free solution

We pay a lot of attention to our patients with metal allergies, whose bodies do not accept the otherwise excellent quality pure titanium implants! The solution is the ceremic dental implant! These implants are made of natural pure zirconium ceramics, they are biocompatible, so they are completely neutral from immunological point of view. In addition, their surface design helps the integration with the bone tissue. The 97.5% success rate speaks for itself! Another advantage of ceramic implants is aesthetics. In case of thinner gums or receding gums, it happens that the metal implant is visible. This is not a problem with ceramic implants, since their color matches the color of the natural tooth root, you will always have a natural smile.

Zirconium crown, the metal free solution

Zircon is a first class material for natural and lifelike dental crowns, which does not discolor the gums either. It’s used, to make a dental crown with a unique appearance, natural and indistinguishable from real teeth. The zircon crown is the perfect solution for replacing your teeth and restoring your smile.

In case of a metal allergy or suspicion of it, compared to traditional metal-ceramic crowns, it does not cause dental problems and does not represent a health risk either. It conducts heat poorly and this means greater comfort for our patients. Unpleasant sensations caused by cold or hot food and drinks do not reach the tissues, which can happen with a porcelain crown with a metal frame.