Fixed temporary denture (full or partial)
Full removable temporary denture
Partial removable temporary denture


In the case of large rehabilitations, when the patient does not have a tooth, because all the teeth were removed or lost and we are already waiting for the implants to be incorporated/osseointegrated, this intermediate period is overcome by a temporary denture. It is a returning problem, that only few people love removable dentures, even if they are provisional and needed for just a few (3-6) months.

What can be done? The denture can only be attached to an appropriate tooth pillar, which is either an own tooth or an implant, in this case an implant. If the primary stabilization of the implant is adequate, then it is possible to talk about a fixed solution and on the same day, but within 1-2 days, the fixed temporary dentures will be prepared!

Advantages: These dentures are 100% aesthetic, at the same time they have a reduced load (bite), with which you can of course chew and eat much better than with the non – fix teeth!

Another big advantage is that during the second visit, the implants do not need to be uncovered after the integration! Therefore, the patient only has a wound once in his mouth and the place of the extracted tooth can heal together with the dental implant/s.

Disadvantages, if the implants are stable, there is not too much to talk about.

In summary, a fixed temporary denture is comfortable, aesthetic, functional, and perhaps most importantly, that one surgery less is required!

This solution is absolutely recommended and worthwhile, because in comparation with the removable adenture and considering its other advantages, the price difference can be easily accepted! Mainly if you think about, that only after 5 days of your arrival to our dental clinic in Budapest, you can return home with fixed temporary teeth! Those who come to Budapest, Hungary for dental treatment, are coming exactly for this, because they want a the perfect solution, speed instead of waiting lists, and affordable prices!

Of course, immediate implantation and prosthetics do not mean immediate healing, so it is recommended that the patient stay at home for a few days after the treatment and have a relaxing lifestyle, even here in Budapest or if the patient have to leave Hungary earlier, then at home! Due to the damage of the soft tissue we have to count on swelling.

Can I have fix temporary dentures? Theoretically, yes, and we strive to do so, but our doctors can only confirm or refute this with reasonable certainty after examining CT-Scann!


When the surgical area is inflamed, or for any other reason, implantation is not possible, this traditional, but less preferred, provisional solution remains. Aesthetically it is perfectly okay, just eating is more difficult as it is less stable than the fixed solutions.


The partial provisional prosthesis is made when the patient does not have a sufficient amount of tooth pillar (own tooth or implant) and the position of the teeth in the jaw-arc does not allow the fixed prosthesis (bridge). The temporary partial denture is made of plastic, which is secured to the pillars with wire clips. It relies on the mucosa and the underlying bone base. This denture can only be worn for the healing time after tooth extraction/s and untill the final supplement is placed into the mouth! Thus, the aesthetic and functional problems caused by the lack of teeth can be perfectly remedied until the delivery of the final prosthesis.

Please always consult our doctors and ask their advice on the best possible and appropriate solutions for you!

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