To make the right decision regarding your dentist, you have to consider more things. Different patients have different priorities, but we all agree that beside the quality and the right timing/schedule, the affordable prices will be crucial. In our dental clinic we take great care to be the first in quality while our prices remain competitive. It is no exaggeration at all to say, that you can still save up to 60-70% in Hungary, compared to English, Irish or even Scottish prices. The 65-70,000 patients coming from Great Britain to Hungary annually, are the best proof of this!


How much does full teeth implants/reconstruction cost?

When the bone condition is appropriate, we can count with 6-8 implants pluss 12 crowns per jaw.
• Full jaw with porcelain crowns, from 5.900 – 6.500 EUR
• Full jaw with zirconium crowns from 7.300 – 7.800 EUR

What is the cost of a dental implant?

• The standard dental implant (AlphaBio) from 590 – 650 EUR
• The premium dental implant (NobelBiocare) from 990 – 1.200 EUR

Does the dental implant price includes the abutment?

Yes, standard titanium abutment is included in the price.

What is the price of a porcelain crown?

• Porcelain crown from 185 – 225 EUR
• Zirconium crown from 290 – 340 EUR

How much the „All on 4” dental implant system cost?

The „All on 4” system generally consists of 4 dental implants and a 10 tooth bridges. (A surgery guide or surgical template, may be needed, in case the operation has to be navigated-guided because of the low amount of bone.)
• The „All on 4” system, with 4 standard implant is from 4.960 – 5.360 EUR
• The „All on 4” system, with 4 premium implant is from 6.760 – 7.160 EUR

Do you offer dental treatment under full anesthesia?

Yes we do! The cost of it, is 600 EUR/3 hours.
Attention! Before the full anesthesia, the patient must undergo a mandatory examination!


Treatment Price in GBP Price in EUR
Consultation Free Free
First Panoramic X-ray Free Free
Panoramic X-ray 35 40
CT Scann – 3D X-ray (Cone Beam) 105 120
Dental hygiene package – (scale, polish, panoramic X-ray) 70 80
Dental Surgery GBP EUR
Extraction 45 50
Extraction (surgical) 105 120
Extraction of wisdom tooth 105 120
Sinus lift with material (Bio Oss – Bone grafting material) 520 590
Bone augmentation (min. price) 175 200
Dental Implant Systems and Oral Surgery GBP EUR
AlphaBio dental implant 420 480
AlphaBio standard titanium abutment 150 170
AlphaBio zirconium abutment 260 300
NobelBiocare dental implant 680 780
NobelBiocare standard titanium abutment 180 210
NobelBiocare zirconium abutment 260 300
Surgery Guide / Surgical Template 520 600
Bone transplantation from the hip – incl. 3 days in hospital 4.800 5.500
Bone transplantation from the tibia – incl. 3 days in hospital 5.700 6.600
Microscopic Root Canal / Conservative Treatments GBP EUR
Root canal treatment for tooth with one root canal 130 150
Root canal treatment for tooth with two root canals 260 300
Root canal treatment for tooth with three root canals 390 450
Post or core for root canal treatment 85 100
Crowns, Bridges, Dentures  GBP EUR
Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to metal, per tooth) 180 205
Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to gold, gold not included) 180 205
Crown (Cercon/Zirconium per tooth) 290 330
Temporary crown per tooth 35 40
Removable plastic denture (per jawbone) 435 500
Removable metal denture (per jawbone) 520 600
Precision attachment 435 500
Precision attachment with denture 860 990
Overdenture (average price) 1.570 1.800
Dental Conservations GBP EUR
Tooth coloured filling /average 60 70
Inlay (Belle Glas, Gradia) 220 250
Inlay (Gold) gold not included! 220 250
Porcelain Veneer 260 300
Night-guard 85 100
Tooth Whitening GBP EUR
Zoom 2 – professional tooth whitening system 340 390
Plaque removal 50 60

Price offer/Quotation: Please send us a current panorama x-ray, and we will send you a personalized treatment plan within 2 days, with the prices and the timing! When to use titanium or ceramic implants?

*Please note: Our dental clinic reserves the right to change prices without prior notice!

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